Articles of Interest

Basic Constitution of Rights of the Reth-Vrekan Union

This Contract ensures the Rights for All Members of the Reth-Vrekan Union, regardless of Race, Gender or Location. These Rights shall not be infringed by any means, not by members of the Union, not by members not of the Union. The damaging of these Rights shall be punished by the...Read More »

The Religion of Kiniseos

The Kiniseos Religion is the main religion for Temthans and other Temthaic species, but we welcome all beings, regardless of race, to worship with us. Our Religion is a religion based on love for both each other and oneself, worshipping creation, reproduction and happiness while striving against hatred, hunger, thirst...Read More »

A Quick Introduction to Prosopeutic Universes

There are an infinite number of universes out there and an infinite number of ways to categorize them. But one type of universe that stands out is the Prosopeutic Universe. A Prosopeutic Universe tends to have certain characteristics that make said universe far more lively and mobile than other types...Read More »

A Theory of Something

I’ve been thinking lately.

About everything. About nothing. About some things.

A lot of conscious beings think about everything around them. Many will take their observations and turn them into absolutes. After all, there are some absolutes that all beings must follow. A being must be born, must consume matter to convert...Read More »

Pictures from the Phoviverse


For Inktober, I decided to draw things from the Phoviverse. Here’s the 31 things that I drew.

Day 1 – Kinisis

Kinisis is the personification of the Phoviverse, the universe’s avatar and its creator. Nearly 14 billion years ago, the deity settled down in a little corner of the multiuniverse and gave...Read More »