Diary on the Star Soarer 3


Dear Diary,

Sorry I didn’t write yesterday. It was all so damn hectic, I don’t even know. There were three separate drills, one for everyone on the ship in case of a hull breach, one for the general population and a drill for a containment leak for the cleaning and engineering staff. And then it was back to work as normal today. Still busy, but nowhere near as bad as yesterday.

The Septa were most annoyed by this. They had one of their religious sermons interrupted. It’s silly that they worship a god of death, while everyone else worships gods of nice things. I don’t worship any gods, but I like to think there’s a good god looking down on us. Maybe not protecting us but at least watching over us and trying to guide us on the right path. I mean it’s a minor thing. Not a proper religion or anything, because I prefer science to magic, but at least I can pray to someone in the hopes that whatever project I am working on actually works.

Most people here at least believe in higher beings, but it’s mostly just the Septa and the Raptai who actively worship gods.

It’s important to do these drills though. Anything can go wrong in space travel. Luckily after a few decades, we’ve managed to refine everything so problems are rare, but that’s not the point. Better safe than sorry, like my granma always used to say.

Because of yesterday though, we got to finish half an hour early. That meant I could shower earlier and get to the food halls early. It doesn’t make much difference, it’s all produced at the same time, but there’s daily rations for everything and going early means I can get some pudding before it all gets eaten. Really, the cleaning staff are second class citizens on the Star Soarer. It’s annoying but no one cares. Well, they care a bit more because there are smart, socialist scientists around, but it’s not great.

After I did all that, I went and looked at my scanner. I hadn’t looked at it since the other day so there was a lot of… well I wanted to say juicy tidbits, but it’s all been more of the same. More repairs from the small breach, generic electrical repairs, fixing communicators…

Oh yes, the communicator problem. Apparently most of it has been fixed. Like I thought, it was just the ship passing through a small electrical anomaly. There’s a lot of them between the solar systems. Never known why, but I’m not an astronomer. If I was, I wouldn’t be in this tiny, weeny room.

I gotta keep on plugging at it though. It’s only been a few days, I can do this. And honestly everyone’s been super happy with me. I already overheard someone talking about moving a few people around, so maybe I’ll get lucky.

The only other thing of note today was a very weird conversation my scanner picked up and transcribed. Either someone calibrated their communicators wrong or my scanner is picking up signals it’s not supposed to.

Whatever it is, the scanner caught a weird conversation. I’ve copied it down here:

Person 1: I don’t get your motives, madam.

Person 2: You’re not supposed to.

Person 1: I don’t understand though. He doesn’t want to. He’s… A billion is enough, don’t you think?

Person 2: That was different. Something else entirely. This is what I want him to do. It’s this or I take even more from him.

Person 1: There isn’t much of him left to take.

Person 2: Well, he should have thought about that before he tried to play games with me. Don’t worry, we’ll get the results we wanted.

Person 1: This is what you want not me.

Person: Shush now. You profit from this as well…

After that, the scanner stopped picking anything up. There was a ten minute silence on the scanner, and then it all went back to normal.

I know there’s a few very wealthy people on the Star Soarer, wouldn’t have been able to leave without them. But still, that was a weird conversation. I’m going to tweak the scanner later, to make sure it doesn’t pick anything else like that up. Last thing I want is to get arrested for spying or something like that.

Here’s for an uneventful tomorrow.

Good night, diary.