Species name: Lanex, formerly known as Toanex or Nexta

Full name: Deitic Lanex

Average dimensions: Varied, no more than 3m tall.

Description: Lanex are a mechanical, anthropomorphic race of beings that look similar to robotic Thropes (humans). They are tall and bulky, wearing wide chest armour and shoulder pads, but wear little armour on their limbs. Their faces are hidden by delicately carved masks, with holes so only their eyes can be seen through them and a slit for their mouths. They do not have skin, but rather have a metallic exo-skeleton that keeps large masses of gears, pistons and wiring in place.

Colouration: Lanex have brightly coloured exo-skeletons, ranging from pale white to a deep black. Their armour is either silver, gun metal or gold.

Abilities: Being Deitic creatures, Lanex have the ability to manipulate the world around them. They are best known for their manipulation of the primordial elements, and each Lanex specializes in their favourite element, often changing the colour of their body to match said element. Unlike other Deitics, Lanex completely lack the ability to manipulate time in any way. They also have the ability to shapeshift but rarely use it, finding pride in their physical strength.

Temperament: Lanex have a large variety of personalities, but they are generally considered cool, collected and incredibly wise. They are happy to sit back and watch the universe go by, only stepping in if they feel they need to, even then any actions they take are carefully thought out. As the Lanex have begun to mingle with the mortal races, they have opened up greatly, showing that they are friendly and have no interest in standard Deitic soul-stealing affairs.

Diet: While Lanex have no need to eat, they very much enjoy both alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, and will spend hours slowly sipping a hot coffee via the thin mouth-slits in their masks.

Life Cycle: New Lanex are created by Lanex elders, who go ‘window-shopping’ in alternate, parallel and separate universes, looking for styles and designs for their new children. Samples of alternate beings are taken from unknowing victims, and these samples are mixed together in large cauldrons, before being poured into specially designed egg-like canisters in which the new Lanex form. A new Lanex is no more than 20cm tall, and, although a new Lanex is capable of speech, takes 100 years to reach full size.

Culture: Lanex culture is tricky to understand. Much of it consists of their creation of art, which is created as a way to note down their observations of the universe.

Government: While little is known about Lanex organization before they were allowed to settle alongside mortals, their new society seems to be based on an oligarchy. The majority of Lanex live together in groups and spend their time making works of art, practicing their fighting skills or observing mortals, while answering to Data-Gatherers, who feed any new knowledge to the unknowable leaders of the Lanex.