Tale – The Last Official Ksa Leader Meeting

“Where’s Veekay?” Feyar growled as Teekay entered the room, dragging a wooden stool with him. The other Ksa all remained silent, wondering how the self-proclaimed ‘Electric Ninja’ would reply.

“He’s at work. Signed up with the 200th Legion. He can’t make it,” Teekay replied bluntly. “Unlike most of us here, sitting on our asses, getting lazy from the sudden pay rise we all received. Except for you, Feyar. Doing your usual job. Good on you.”

Feyar wasn’t sure whether Teekay was mocking him or not. None of the other Ksa had laughed, so he assumed Teekay was being genuine. He’d never liked the former leader of the K-Class Ksa. Teekay had been a funny one emotionally, both giving and taking, pushing away and pulling close.

The rest of the Ksa didn’t seem to mind. Ksirkas, the youngest Ksa present, was rocking back and forth on his chair. Kayu, the eldest, seemed mostly relaxed. Every other Ksa varied between amused and amused-but-confused. Thitavee-En, the recently reinstated leader of what was left of the N-Class Ksa, seemed genuinely pleased with everything that was going on.

It was an odd set of emotions, considering that this was the last official Ksa Leader Meeting.

“Very well. It is…” Feyar hesitated. “Good to see you again, Teekay. My fellow Ksa Leaders, I welcome you all to our monthly meeting. Our last monthly meeting.”

“Last official meeting!” Epsi, the young leader of the Ψ-Class Ksa, piped up. “We can all still meet up unofficially, right? Like, you lot all hate these meetings… I honestly always liked them. Got to see what the big Ksa were doing. Not much, of course, but that’s beside the point!”

Feyar rolled his eyes at Epsi’s enthusiasm. How could such a small Ksa be so happy?

Actually,” Kayu perked up. “The stupid little clone has a point. We may be free beings and many of us no longer have jobs, but we have a duty to remain together, remain in contact, in case our services are required once more.”

I wish you wouldn’t call me that…” Epsi muttered.

Well, you are a stupid little clone,” Kayu smirked, knowing exactly how to wipe that smile off Epsi’s face.

I’m not a clone!” Epsi protested.

Stop being such a cunt, Kayu!” Ksiel snapped, standing up for the youngling. “In fact, all you’ve ever done is be a cunt towards the younger generations of Ksa. You’re a snobbish, rude bastard who thinks that you’ve suffered when really, you have had an easy life as a Ksa, all things considered! Basically, Kayu, you’re the stupid little bitch and the fact that you insult poor Epsi, who has done nothing wrong in his short life, really pisses me off!

Ksiel took a deep breath. Kayu was about to answer, but Aress swiftly spoke before he could do so.

The Twisted does have a point. I mean, the U-Class Ksa haven’t really… done anything of significance…”

He’s right,” Thitavee-En sighed. “We all have our little trophies. Our little triumphs. The duties of the U-Class have been pretty simple. And you’ve had no one maimed or murdered or anything like that.”

Kayu decided to remain silent. Feyar rolled his eyes and opted to not carry the discussion on further.

I was going to say that perhaps you would all like to say goodbye. But I doubt that.”

Most of the Ksa shrugged, but Epsi perked up again.

I still think we should continue to have get-togethers. Us Ksa need to stick together, you know? There’s no one else like us, even if we are supposed to be like other Rethans now.”

Plus, the second things go wrong, they’ll call us back…” Nenth added. “We’re unique. We’re powerful. The only thing stopping us from causing a coup and violently taking over is our own pride and dedication to our duties. The Rethans will need the Ksa. We stick together, even if it’s unofficial, and we’ll always have a place, whether the Rethans need us or we need each other.”

Feyar glanced at the leader of the Θ-Class. He always respected the little Ksa. Far more professional and insanely intelligent. Teekay and Aress both seemed to be nodding in agreement.

Very well… Nenth has made some very good points. We may be ‘retired’ but we are not permanently freed from duty.” Feyar tutted. “I agree with him. And because of that, I can confirm that we will continue these meetings. These meetings though will be unofficial, no longer restricted to Ksa Leaders, but open to all Ksa, if they so choose. I propose that we meet on the 2nd of every month. I will arrange for a… nicer location for us all.”

Just as Feyar was about to change the subject, his communicator beeped. While the majority of the Ksa were no longer employed, the R-Class continued their duties as police and investigators and were always on alert. But Feyar had asked for his team to not call him unless it was important. This message must have been serious enough for someone to message him.

I apologise, my fellow Ksa, but I must cut this meeting short. It has been an honour serving with you.”

Everyone bowed, acknowledging Feyar’s words. Feyar bowed back, then spun round and ran off, leaving the Ksa Leaders feeling rather confused.

He’s never done that before…” Ksiel muttered under his breath.