Diary on the Star Soarer 2


Dear Diary,

Daisy here, and I’m totally pooped.

You’d think for a basic salary they’d give you more breaks. While most of the people here don’t actually have jobs, I’m getting up at 6am and not finishing until 6pm. I’m free to do pretty much whatever I want after 6pm but it’s a hard day and we only have 30 minutes for lunch. Would have passed on the job if I was just looking for something basic, but I want to be here and this is the only way I can climb the ranks.

That being said, I’ve already made a good first impression. The boss said I was incredibly fast and I didn’t break anything. Not breaking things is my speciality. I fix things, I don’t break them. If this keeps up, I’ll be able to move to the engineering cleaners department, and hopefully from there I will be able to catch someone’s eye and perhaps get a proper job.

Hopefully that means a bigger room as well. This place is midget. It’s got a bed, a desk, space for my clothes, a bathroom and that’s it. All my belongings are squeezed into two chests at the end of my bed. Really, I should be thankful I even have things like a pillow, that’s how tight it is in here. Gotta pay extra to have more space. Or a window. Windows cost a fucking fortune so most people on the ship don’t get windows.

Now that work’s over and I’ve had ten showers (because holy hell parts of this ship get messy!) I can go back to my little radio and listen in on everyone. Totally could if I wanted to, but I have this tuned in to the specific frequencies the main ship’s crew and the engineering departments use.

I actually built this radio out of spare parts that I brought on board. Everyone just thought they were shitty toys but nope, I designed them like that and put them apart in my tiny quarters. Basically, it just scans whatever is said, based on the codes used in the Ship Operational Code Guide (which is used on all human ships) and then alerts me and prints out a transcript if it hears anything interesting. That means I can just leave it on all day and if something comes up while I’m working, I can at least pick up on it later.

After my first day, there’s already been a few things trickling by. Mostly related to the thing that hit yesterday. Apparently there was a tiny breach but it’s already been repaired. It was in the vacuum storage facilities, where all the machinery and spare mechanical parts are (in case of breakdowns and the like) and because there’s no proper atmosphere in there, if anything was alive and got in, it would have instantly died. It’s easy to see why, this is part of the ship that no one needs to go to so there’s no point wasting oxygen down there. The engineers at the scene (they had to wear oxygen masks) found some sort of old petroleum oil down there and the consensus is that an ancient satellite that we launched a few thousand years ago must have crashed into the Star Soarer.

The only other thing I’ve picked up is people reporting broken communication devices. Just people breaking up. I mean, my scanner isn’t going to have great signal, but we’re a smart race, we’re above having scattered communications. Heck, the Raptai were amazed by how clear our communication systems were. I’m pretty certain that it’s probably some sort of electrical fault. Most likely because of something the ship is passing through, because there’s a lot of charged particle fields around here. But the engineers probably already know that.

I’m going to go get some dinner and go to sleep.

See you tomorrow.