Second Serpent

“Hey Yisini, are you busy?” Arkadin asked as he knocked politely on the bolted metal door. “Nope!” “Can I come in?” “If you want!” Arkadin hesitated. He could hear weird noises happening on the other side of that door, and he really wasn’t sure whether Yisini was lying to him or whether she genuinely wasn’t … Read more

Sword in the Wall

Arksi threw his blade across the room, not caring that it had embedded itself in the wall, through a poster of himself. Behind him, his siblings Eksi and Thitaksi filed in. “That is our fourth loss in a row!” Eksi ignored his brother’s shouting and tidied everything up, carefully removing his battle armour and placing … Read more

Plans for Good and Bad

Kayel slammed down the communicator, then sheepishly picked it up again. He had just got off the phone with Tenuk Diplastron Theanon, the eldest member of the Dessaron, the renowned traveller who had visited each of the Gods in turn. Kayel had hoped that the Deiton would tell him how to meet up with the … Read more

Grandest of Plans

“You called for me, All-Ksa?” Teekay asked as he entered the tent. For reasons Teekay could not explain, the All-Ksa, the leader of the Skyavok, was insisting on spending his time inside a tent on ground zero of a catastrophe, rather than letting the K-Class look after him. “Of course I did, Teekay…” Kayel sighed. … Read more

Course of Action

“We must send assistance immediately!” the High General shouted as he stormed into the main hall. Already present were King Ver of the Vrekans, Lokmahro, Dovak of the Tsithic Thraki, and Phovos, the leader of the Ksithans of Portalia. “Do they want our help?” Ver asked. General Elkay glared at the Vrekan King. “Of course … Read more

Hunger and Fury

Kayel could hear screaming. He could smell smoke. He could feel pain. He… could only see blackness. Blackness wasn’t too uncommon a thing to see. Kayel, like most Skyavok, lived in a place known only as the Void, a dark, gloomy space between spaces, otherwise inaccessible to other races. Their homes were built on a … Read more

Regrowth of Kinigi

The letter had warned him not to, but he didn’t trust that letter. Especially a letter designed to cause panic? No, Kohra was having none of that. He was already unfriendly with the Whenvern, the Dragon God of Time who had abandoned him and left him to die. Kohra didn’t mind being a vague annoyance … Read more

Mystery Messages

“Ser? We have concluded our investigation. These items are harmless.” The Skyavok Astynomeer, a member of the local police force, handed two envelopes back to Kohra, sealed inside plastic wallets. “Are you sure?” “Yes. There are messages inside. We have scanned them but not opened them, for your privacy.” About three hours ago, Kohra had … Read more

Changing It Up A Little

“I want to do something different…” Bakxs was a very tall, very scary-looking Ksithan. He’d lived in Palaestra for most of his life, going through an interspecies educational system and looking for a way to express his artistic ideas and possibly even make some money doing so. A world full of creation, stuck inside his … Read more

Those Other Survivors

“Do you think the other ones we rescued will survive, ser?” Eterek was a newly ranked captain. He normally served in the 289th Legion, but due to an urgent crisis, him and many other Rethan soldiers were serving among the ranks of the 270th Legion, helping them evacuate several small planets. “I mean, the first … Read more

Saved From an Extinguished Sun

It took eight minutes for us to realise our sun was gone. Eight minutes and we were suddenly looking at a night sky, full of stars. The birds stopped singing. Insects stopped chirping. I could hear the mutterings of confusion, slowly descending into panic. Day had turned to night. After ten minutes, it started to … Read more

A Strange Feeling Among Mortals

“He’s normally back by now…” Kohra muttered under his breath as he watched Psiksi wander around the living room. “Is he?” Kohra didn’t think Psiksi had heard him, but clearly he did. “Yes. Rarely more than a couple of hours. But we have been here for a while now. Everything just feels… uneasy…” “Oh yeah, … Read more

Tea at the Cafe of the Gods

The Cafe of the Gods was a pretty literal place. Gold covered or trimmed almost everything, while the floors glistened in ivory white and precious gems dotted almost all the objects in the cafe. The large, cushioned sofas and armchairs were covered in silk cushions and stuffed with the softest feathers. No expense had been … Read more

Failed Temptations

“So, what can we get you?” Psiksi leaned on the table next to the Lord of Death, smiling eerily. Tenuk sat opposite them, keeping an eye on them both, praying that the young Skyavok did nothing to piss off a being who controlled the fate of the universe. “A lot of things.” “Like what? Respect? … Read more

Angering Death

“Thank you for coming with me, Psiksi…” Tenuk huffed and heaved as he and the little Skyavok climbed the stairs. “You really think I was going to let you go to Death’s home on your own? In the state you’re in?” Psiksi asked. “Really? Also why are we using this door up here with your … Read more