Tale – Breakfast Nonsense

Ever since Psiksi had moved in with Kass, he’d found it harder and harder to wake up early. There was no need to get up at 5am like he used to, but getting up at 7:30 had made him complacent. He would still get up if he needed to, but these days, Psiksi was missing alarms. Hitting snooze buttons and sometimes flat out ignoring his clock.

Today was no different. He’d woken up at 7:36am, ignoring his alarm and nearly hitting the snooze button a second time. Kass had gotten up half an hour beforehand. And he’d cleaned the living room while Psiksi slept. Really, his own laziness was making Psiksi feel bad.

Speaking of Kass, he was standing in the doorway, watching Psiksi sleep.

“You snore like a little deer,” Kass beamed. He was still naked, as naked as a Rethan could be, but he had a towel slung over one shoulder. He’d clearly just finished in the bathroom. “And you sleep like a rock.”

Psiksi grunted. “Why didn’t you wake me?” Back when he was an active Ksa, someone would always wake him up, alarm clocks or otherwise.

“Because you’re adorable.” Kass was still smiling and it was annoying Psiksi. “I made you breakfast.”

Psiksi threw himself out of bed and quickly tied a wrap around his bare stomach. He disliked being naked. Kass moved out of the way as Psiksi left the room then followed him into the kitchen-diner. On the small dining table was a plate with a single large sausage on it and lots of mashed starchy veg. On closer inspection, the mash was in a vague Rethan shape and the sausage was clearly supposed to be a second tail.

“What are you implying?” Psiksi asked as Kass pulled out a stool and offered for him to sit down.

“I have next week off. I’d like to spend the majority of it with you.”

Psiksi smiled slightly, then sighed. “I have work next week. Diplomatic meetings. Things for the High General.”

“But you won’t be working 24/7 will you?” Kass sat down next to Psiksi.

“Well no, of course not. I just do diplomatic stuff since I’m familiar with this place. Half of the rest of the K-Class went to work for the 471st Legion, I didn’t. But there’s also the part-time stuff I do for Generals Gath and Retvik.”

Kass grunted, then got up to pour himself a drink. He wanted to spend more time with Psiksi but there were ALWAYS obligations and responsibilities in the way. Really, most of his relationships had been like this.

“Is there no way you can book just one day off next week? We make plenty of money. You don’t need to work yourself to death.”

“I’m not!” Psiksi exclaimed. “I just… I need to do… Things. Keep busy. Otherwise my brain rots.”

“Then do things with me. Be with me. Not all the time, just a bit more often.”

Psiksi fell silent. “I’m… Sorry…”

Kass blinked. “What for?”

“I’m doing what every other Ksa does. Putting duty before living. I forget I’m not a Ksa any more…”

Putting his arm around Psiksi, Kass pulled a stupid face and pulled him close. “It’s fiiiiiine!”

Psiksi leaned into the hug, feeling less awful. As he did so, he felt something being removed from his arm. Kass giggled as he stole Psiksi’s wristband, then ran off back to the bedroom.

“GIVE THAT BACK!” Psiksi screeched as he gave chase. He rushed around the corner, only for Kass to run past him and back into the kitchen. Psiksi growled, picked up a cushion from the bed and threw it at Kass, using his telekinesis to make it home in on his target.

Kass though deflected the cushion and waited for Psiksi to return. Once he did, he threw the wristband back to him.

“You can be such a cunt!” Psiksi was pissed off. Kass seemed unphased.

“Check your inbox.”

Psiksi sighed and did as he was told. Kass had sent a message to Captain Vallas, one of the High General’s secretaries. The message asked about taking a few days off. To his surprise, Vallas had immediately replied.

“Of course,” the message read, “you deserve some time off. Holiday time approved, I shall inform General Elkay.”

Psiksi blinked and stared at Kass.

“See, all you have to do is ask.”

With a tut, Psiksi ignored Kass and sat down to eat his breakfast. He was probably running late now. He quickly shovelled up the mash, leaving the sausage untouched. Kass simply continued to smile until Psiksi finally relented.

“Alright, fine. Thank you, Kass. But if you ever steal my wristband again, I will break your hands.”

“That’s alright by me!” Kass smirked. “I’m just happy to spend more time with you!”